Employee Appraisal Form

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Appraisal for Period *

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Recommendation and Action Plan

Project/Task Management & Technical Skills *

Time management: projects/tasks are completed on time.
Quality management: projects/tasks are completed on quality benchmark.
Value addition and professional input to assigned work.
Customer Relations Management related to work deliverable.
Customer Satisfaction and Retention in relation to work deliverable.
Tasks Project Management, in relation to assigned work.
Risk Management, in relation to work deliverables.
Scope Management, in relation to assigned work.
Change Management
Application of Knowledge

Work Intelligence *

Understanding skills
Innovation and Problem-solving skills
Decision making

Communication *

Language knowledge
Writing skills
Verbal skills
Comprehending skills

Interpersonal Skills *

Dealing with pears, subordinate, seniors, and ability to cope with multi-displinary of Team.
Team spirit: Ability to work well with peers, and manage conflicts with diplomacy.
Adaptability: Ability to adapt oneself to organization changes while keeping efficiency.
Creativity and forward looking aptitude.
Participation in meeting
Body language
Listening skills
Soft-spoken & Diplomacy
Team Work
Managing conflicts for team and self

Self Management *

Taking Ownership, Responsibility, and Accountability
Ability to follow and complete work as instructed.
Hard working

Work Processes Compliance *

Understanding of Organization policies
Compliance to internal management guidelines, rules and regulations
Compliance with Operations User Manual and Work processes
Customer commitment

Leadership skills *

Motivation ability
Mentoring skills
Team Building skills
Ability to develop the skill of Vision or Direction for the Team, for the Organization (Sub-organization) that you are leading.

Business Development skills *

Ability to Identify Prospects, Customers, and Business Information Account.
Ability to Approach and generate Business Leads
Ability to convert business Leads into Opportunities
Ability to convert business Opportunities into WON Opportunities
Personal Initiative to Organization Business Development Agenda

Supervisors Only (Head of Sub-Departments & Managers)

Delegation: Ability to efficiently plan, allocate, and manage tasks assigned to other people.
Leadership: Ability to create a challenging and motivating work environment aligned with the company's strategy.
Leadership: Ability to sustain and motivate subordinates in their professional growth.
Ability to manage risks related to work delivery, quality or work, and timeline deadlines.
Ability to provide Capability, Capacity, and Resource to fulfill the Vision of the organization.
Ability to understand the Systems of the Organization, sustain the System, Practice the System, Improve the System, and Transform the System.

Professional Development Objectives

Personal Performance Objectives

Project Objectives

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